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A little pull, a playful pinch - is it pain or is it pleasure? Act out all your wildest fantasies with the Japanese Clover Clamps...

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Severe pinwheel - bdsm toy/gear designed by sexandmetal

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Severe Pinwheel

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The Severe Pinwheel is a BDSM Toy with a gracefully designed solid steel handle that features a pointy tip that nicely balances the three-inch rotating barrel with 42 pointy tips radiating from its core

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2pc Babydoll

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Stretch Lace Deep-V

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We celebrate artful pleasure and invite you to peruse our imaginative and exciting line of BDSM gear, dungeon furniture, BDSM toys and bondage equipment. We are a sex-positive company, dedicated to the exploration and acceptance of BDSM and Kink. Through the use of our elite bondage gear and BDSM toy we generate opportunities for our customers to broaden their horizons.

Our handmade BDSM Gear, Bondage Restraints, bondage toys, and dungeon furniture are true objets d’art. With each original piece, our innovative artisans set a new standard in the industry. Our bondage gear is BDSM Gear are skillfully handcrafted from raw steel that is bent, twisted and crafted into one-of-a-kind collectible pieces, moving the BDSM aesthetic in a distinctively fresh and new direction.

We envision and construct the most exquisite and unique designs within the BDSM community. Our experts skillfully forge pieces of raw steel into implements of delight and torture. The steel is then powder coated in our gorgeous candy apple red or clear finish to allow the natural beauty of the poshished steel to shine through. As you explore our pages, you will be taken on a journey into the dark recesses of our minds, where the ideas for our devilish and imaginative BDSM Gear, Bondage Restraints, Metal BDSM Gear, and Dungeon Furniture spring to life. Free yourself to explore your own desires and limits.

Whether a BDSM beginner or pro, we are sure you will find something to tantalize your kinky desires. Delve into sensation play with our unique BDSM devices aimed to please, tease, torment and tease your subject. Our wide selection of BDSM pinwheels, nipple clamps and devices will strike fear into your submissive and titillate their senses at the same time.

Our devious yet simple impact toys can deliver precise and accurate punishment. Made of the highest quality leather or silicone, each one can be used to both tease and torment your submissive. Whether your tastes run to the simple or more intricate, our sturdy, yet graceful, whips and floggers are a treat to wield.

Our line of bondage gear consists of metal restraints, Bondage Yokes, and Bondage Fiddles are perfect for immobilizing misbehaving slaves. Furthermore, once you’ve popped the Bite Gag into your sub’s mouth, all you will hear is your lash upon their flesh. Not to exclude the well-mannered submissive, our metal collars, chokers, and delicate pendants strike the balance between obedience and attitude.

When it comes to Cock & Ball Torture, there is nothing dainty about our devious and cruel CBT devices and metal cock rings. Though it may look inconsequential, one experience with the Thrice Screwed Cock Ring will convince even the most headstrong submissive that you mean business.

Dramatically transform your dungeon (or basement) with our ingenious bondage furniture, such as the Bird Cage, the Medallion, or the Box. Each of these inventive pieces will strike fear into the heart of any submissive or slave, just upon entering the room. We invite you to come in, peruse, and enjoy our online boutique. From all of us at, your pleasure is our pleasure.

We are a sex-positive company setting a new standard in the industry, promoting safe, creative, artful pleasure. The creator of this company is a highly skilled artisan from England.

Our belief in the uniqueness of these products originated from personal use. He decided to share these products with others who would enjoy expanding the realm of their sexual play. is committed to the concept of artful pleasure, providing sex-positive products to promote freedom of expression and exploration to enhance our customers sex lives. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalogue.