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  • Feb 03

    Safe BDSM Play. SCC, RACK & PRICK

    When it comes to safe BDSM play, there are various schools of thought on how best to do that, but as times change, so do new ideas regarding it. What’s acceptable and what’s not? How do we tell? Here are some different terms and ideas tha
  • Feb 02

    BDSM & Kink Safety

    BDSM offers a lot of self-discoveries and personal growth. When finding your way to the kinky side, there are endless things to do and to see. To gain the most from this provocative side of life, it’s important to play safe. Safety ensures that
  • Dec 02

    9 BDSM Sex Toys Every BDSM Player Should Own

    Whether you're a seasoned lifestyle player or just feeling experimental because you read 50 Shades, real BDSM toys are essential for you and your partner! Here is a list of 9 BDSM sex toys every BDSM player should own.Cock Ring There are many
  • Aug 20

    Six Essential BDSM Toys For Beginners and Pros Alike

    With all this 50 Shades of Grey hype, the mainstream public seems to have given itself the social approval to indulge in their kinks, albeit less surreptitiously. Whether you love or hate the phenomenon, throngs of people across all age groups have b
  • Aug 20

    There's Not Enough Actual BDSM & Bondage Toys To Go Around

    Fifty Shades of Grey popularity has resulted in the market being flooded with BDSM gear and bondage toys. Not that the market wasn't previously flooded with inexpensive and cheaply made gear and toys. It's just Fifty Shades of Grey caused manufacture

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