Metal Hand Traps (Candy Apple Red)

These unusual bondage device for hand and finger bondage.This high quality set of bondage restraints has an innovative and futuristic look.



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Product Description


These unusual BDSM devices are a unique set of hand and finger bondage restraints, bringing a medieval yet futuristic style to this one of a kind product


This high quality set of bondage restraints has an innovative steampunk design that is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional, restraining the entire hand from fingertips to wrist.

The adjustable wrist cuff and rings positioned at the tip of each finger, maintain the hands' position to allow the thumb screws to pin the fingers in place, leaving the subject's hands completely immobilized. Use them with the screws in the pads of the fingers if you’re feeling nice or jabbing into the fingernails if you’re feeling nasty.

Also available as wrist traps without the finger traps.

Product Information:

• Sold as a pair

• Total length from wrist cuff to rings: 7in/17.9cm

• Wrist restraint fits wrists about 6 to 8 inches (15.2 to 21.4cm) around

• Finger rings are about 0.75in/1.8cm across

• Made of powder coated steel

There is a possibility of visible tarnishing beneath all products with a clear coat finish. We feel that this adds to the uniqueness of our products. This will not compromise the quality of our products.

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